Celebrity Chefs and Food Festivals in Los Angeles County, CA

The Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival is one of the most renowned food events in the city, and it's a favorite of mine. Held at the Hangar Barker in Santa Monica, this five-day event showcases top chefs, wineries, and culinary icons. The Belmont Shore Chocolate Festival is a February event held on 2nd Street in Belmont Shore, Long Beach. Drink Eat Play organizes various food, wine, beer, and liquor events throughout the year, such as the Los Angeles BBQ Festival, EL LA Sake Festival, the Los Angeles Beer Festival, the Orange County Beer Festival, the Septemberfest, the International Wine Festival, Dessert Decadence, and the Gourmet Five Year Party.

The Latin Food Festival is a four-day celebration dedicated to the cuisine of Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain, and Portugal. It takes place in a picnic atmosphere on top of a hill in Barnsdall Art Park in East Hollywood. The Calabasas-Malibu Wine and Food Festival is held in June and features hundreds of local wines and restaurants. The Los Angeles Times' Food Bowl is an annual festival that celebrates Southern California's dynamic food scene. The Los Angeles Chocolate Show is an exhibition and competition involving the best local chocolatiers and guests that takes place in Pasadena every September.

The Long Beach Crab Festival celebrates Louisiana food and music with a giant boil of crabs in July or August. The & Wine Los Angeles food festival is one of the most important gastronomic and wine events in Los Angeles. Co-sponsored by Food & Wine magazine, it features more than 100 chefs and 200 wineries participating in various events for several days each month of August. Presented by City National Bank, the festival highlights the best of local restaurants and world-renowned chefs at a series of gastronomic events held in Los Angeles. The Orange County Food and Wine Festival features California wines and local Orange County restaurants every February or March. I had the pleasure of visiting chef Burt Bakman at Slab Barbecue Los Angeles.

He served me a delicious dry-aged steak from Snake River with his own touch of good humor. There's also an elegant Parisian-inspired secret picnic that attracts more than 1000 foodies and outdoor eaters dressed in white. Los Angeles County is home to some of the most exciting food festivals and celebrity chefs in California. From the & Wine Los Angeles food festival to the Latin Food Festival to the Long Beach Crab Festival, there are plenty of opportunities to sample delicious cuisine from around the world. And with top chefs like Burt Bakman at Slab Barbecue Los Angeles serving up mouthwatering dishes like dry-aged steak from Snake River with his own unique twist, you're sure to have an unforgettable experience.

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